What is mastering?

  • Mastering is the art of listening to music with an educated, objective ear to determine what adjustments can, and should, be made for the music to successfully translate to the greatest number of listening environments. With quality audio mastering, balance will be maximized (or restored) so that each song sounds its best and albums achieve a proper flow. Professional audio mastering is essential for producing a world-class release

Why do you need it?

Do you need a master CD for iTunes sales?

  • No, .Wav files are perfectly fine

What is “mastered for iTunes”?

  • Simply put, the mastering engineer is taking into account the sonic changes and format limitations of LOSSY audio formats such as MP3. This article from Production Advice gives a full explanation.

What are ISRC codes?

  • ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code, and is the global system for identification of sound and music recording. Every ISRC code is unique to an individual song. The details of ISRC codes are available on ISRC.org.

What is a DDP?

  • DDP is a digital version of a master CD. A DDP can be uploaded to your manufacturer in place of a master CD. It is the only suitable way to transfer a master around the internet and retain its’ integrity. Uploading .Wav files is not the same.

What is my turnaround time?

  • Typical turnaround time is 3-5 business day. A single can often be done in a day. If you are behind schedule, let me know and I will do my best to expedite to process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Paypal, Mastercard, Debit Card, checks, or cash ($100 bills in-person or a briefcase of nickels FedExed to my door will result in a 20% price discount).

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